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The Hidden Pearl...

Freshwater pearls are unique in their own way. Each one is different & there is no other quite like it, similarly to us. We often need reminding as to how special we are sometimes and there is no way better to get reminded than through our jewellery.

I am so excited to share with you guys my new creation. Our 925 Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl earrings. They come in two shapes, one circular and the other square and two different sizes, medium and large. A perfect addition to any outfit if you ask me!

I've just recently been away and I must say, I gained a lot of inspiration out there regarding the pearl. I feel that these are a perfect transition into a new season, a new gem to rock through the cold winter months coming.

Freshwater pearls are one of the most incredible gemstones around. They glow elegantly, reflecting off the colours white, purple/ Lavender, peach, and pink. They are created in freshwater muscles.

You can shop the Freshwater collection via our SHOP. Share the love with us on instagram @monavart. I hope you guys have a lovely productive week and I shall write again soon!


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