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H O W   I T   W O R K S


Fill out the form below with a description of what you would like made, as well as a rough idea of your budget, along with the date that you would like it completed by. Please note that depending on what you would like, depends on how quickly I can make it for you. Please allow anywhere between 3-6 weeks for this process. So please make sure you leave plenty of time.


Following on from our initial discussion I will draw out some design ideas following your guidelines & once we are both happy I can start the making process.


Once everything has been finalised I will start making your piece, updating you along the way. Once I have completed your piece I will get in contact with you to let you know. Then I can ship it out to you.

Let's create!

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you ASAP!

T A K E   A   L O O K   A T   A   F E W   P R E V I O U S   B E S P O K E   P I E C E S   B E L O W