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Donating Food to All Nations Bedford (2021)

As some of you may know. This year MonAvart has put a % of profits towards feeding those who are in a tough spot, whilst others have directly donated, this has enabled us to buy goods, package and deliver them on their behalf to the All Nations Church in Bedfordshire.

With your help we've managed to feed a total of 15 people this christmas with the ambition for that number to significantly grow next year.

Locally, Bedford foodbank is seeing an increasing number of people on a regular basis. Nobody should go hungry...EVER. It's the least we can do as a business.

This holiday season isn't about corporate greed for us, it's about how much can we GIVE. When & if you're in a position to give. We believe you should.

My ambition for MonAvart has always been to bring awareness to on going issues whilst selling gorgeous jewellery that sparks the needed conversations. For instance, we've raised money for breast cancer awareness whilst selling pieces to empower those who've either gone through it, or are witnessing a family member go through it.

I've also designed a piece called the "Lonesome fish" which brings awareness to plastic in our oceans. As long as MonAvart's around we'll always be pushing to do our bit. If you have any charities in mind or anything you'd like us to bring awareness to. Please don't hesitate to contact us on

Once again i'd just like to thank all of my customers who have supported this years cause... You guys rock!

Written by: Ava

Founder & creator of MonAvart

Music: have yourself a merry little christmas

Musician: home for christmas

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