Caring for your jewellery

Your MonAvart jewellery should be handled with pure care at all times as it is very delicate. All sterling silver will eventually tarnish over time however, you can prevent this by removing your jewellery when applying perfume & lotions. Tarnishing is therefore not a manufacture fault, it is down to how you care for your silver.

Always put your beautiful jewellery on once dressed to avoid damaging. I also recommend removing your jewellery when your shower or bathe. Jewellery should be stored away from excess natural sunlight and heat. I recommend storing it in your MonAvart box given as you should store all jewellery separately to avoid them tarnishing, tangling and rubbing.

Also don’t wear sterling silver in chlorinated water or when working with household chemicals.

If your sterling silver jewellery has tarnished simply clean it in warm soapy water ensuring that it is

rinsed thoroughly and dried properly before storing. You could also invest in a polishing cloth to give back its shine.

The appropriate caring and maintenance is necessary for any fine jewellery. If you follow these recommended tips your sterling silver will look shiny all the time.

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